Saturday, February 19, 2005


Never Again!

Well, Thursday (that's yesterday by my internal clock) I drove Leslie to a shopping center in far Bothell. It was horrible! Not the place. That was kind of fun. It was the travelling that was bad. Sooo much traffic! We were on the roads for like two hours. Anyhow, Leslie wanted to go to this furniture store to look for the usual things: A bed, a sofa and a chair. No luck on the bed and sofa but we did find a chair that was acceptable to both of us. It's my TV watching chair, you see. I need a new one every few years. I'm kind of hard on chairs. Leslie bought it for me and it's cool.


Sunday, February 13, 2005


Back to normal again

I kind of like this template. It's colorful and simple. Just like me. :-) Maybe I'll get the banner/decoration bug later? It would be nice to have a few cats around. CU all later.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


I'm Back

Here's another try at the Sunflowery template. I made as few changes as I could hoping that this would minimize the damage. There are just two theme pictures: decoration.jpg (the sunflowers) and background-tile.jpg (the background). It would be quite easy to change these as needed. How does it look? Sleepy time now. CU!

Monday, February 07, 2005


Back to the old template

Yes, it's back again. My template. Kind of the default. Leah's theme, with the three part background, wasn't working so well. What we need, I think, is a single image of the sunflowery theme, with the "In my own words" title, and a small, matching, tiling, background image. The theme image can be stuck in the upper left corner as a "wrap" for the rest of the page. The background image would fill the open areas as a conventional background. Just my thots. Probably wrong. CU!


Here we go again...

Aha! Yes, it's Leah's template, TicTac Blueberry, modified with Joy's Sunflower style. How's it look? I made the changes with the TopStyle program that I bought last night. I still have no idea what I'm doing. lol

BTW, I discovered what the DOM Inspector in Mozilla is good for. You can use it to identify the elements of a style sheet on a page. It's under Tools | Web Development if you installed it. You tell it the URL or filename of the page you want to inspect and click the Inspect button. It displays the page in the lower panel and, in the left panel, the "node" structure of the page. Click on BODY here. The upper-right panel displays info about a selected note. There is a drop-down menu for choosing what you want to see here. Choose CSS Style Rules. The lower-right panel shows the propeties of a rule selected in the panel above. Right-click a property here and you can change it's value and see what the effect is! To find a page element's node, click the button just below "File" on the menu then click somewhere in the page. The proper node will be highlighted in the left panel. Cool!

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Return to the past...

Well, I've restored my original template. Maybe I'll fix it up later. No big deal. I fear I will never be much of a blogger. Leah: It would be quite easy to add a banner to the template that you chose for your blog. The easiest thing would be to replace the existing banner, including the from-blogger "In my own words text..." text, with some image.

Maybe Joy could design something? In any event, there are many possibilities for banners and backgrounds.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


A Familar Theme

Hey Leah! What do you think of this template? It's doesn't quite work. The comments don't seem to have any template. It's always something with this CSS stuff. I think it's the pictures. I used a relative reference rather than a full URL. Maybe later. CU!