Monday, June 13, 2005


The Big Box o'Books

Today, the big box of 47 Erle Stanley Gardner books arrived. Hooray!

Exciting, huh? That's (The Computer Known as) Steve off to the right. OK. So, I dumps the box o'books out on the table. What a mess!

Then I sorts 'em all out according to type and category. This is the fun part!

Later on, I'll sort them even more neatly, but this is good enough for now. Here's the take: 7 Cool & Lam books (plus 1 duplicate), 2 Doug Selby books, 1 Sidney Griff book (which I already have). 6 Perry Mason books that I need and 28 that I don't. 2 Perry Mason anthologies. Quite a haul! Anybody want some Perry Mason books? CU!