Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Fred Bush, Hero!

Ta other day, I was walking to the mailbox and noticed that Fred, my pet blackberry bush that lives behind the mailbox, had put on some berries. Good Fred! Leslie has been bad mouthing him since Spring, saying that he was taking over the whole yard. Well, he is a big boy. Like, he has runners over 10 meters long! And, he is taking over. That's just the way it is with blackberry bushes. They try real hard to succeed. So, later this Fall, I'll whack him! But, first, I picked the berries for Leslie. Good Fred!

Oh! Those pinky red flowers are on some rosebush. Leslie knows what kind it is. It's gonna get whacked too! [Insert maniacal cackle here!] Don't worry! I whack 'em every year, and they just grow even bigger the next year. Weird! CU!


Sunday, August 21, 2005


Mr. Fixit

Well, this summer, the house is falling apart! Mr. Fixit had to put in an appearance. First, that floaty thing in the toilet broke off. Mr. Fixit installs a new valve assembly. Second, Mr. Fixit's wife says, "The undercabinet lights in the bathroom don't work." Mr. Fixit finds the ground fault interrupter is blowed up. It seems she plugs the vacuum into it. Is there a connnection? Dunno. Mr. Fixit replaces it. Third, the bracket on the back-door storm door closer breaks off. The metal actually broke! Bad! Mr. Fixit installs a new door closer. Mr. Fixit wonders what will break next? It's said that these things come threes, but ya just never really know, do ya?. Ain't home ownership a joy?

Mr. Fixit charged $617.32 for Parts and Labor. The reason it's so much is that Mr. Fixit screws up a lot and it takes him forever to get a job done. But, thanks to clever accounting tricks, Dave is now rolling in dough. How'd that happen? Dunno. But, money, money. How nice! What shall I buy?