Saturday, February 17, 2007


January Movies

A bunch this time. Mostly short programmers. Like TV shows of yesteryear. The highlight of the month has got to be Dragnet. Joe and Frank. Crime. Murder. Hot 50s babes. What a blast from the past! It was, I think, the first feature film based on a TV show. In color, too!

The Gay Falcon (1941) 1/6 IMDb
The first in the series. Great fun! Better than average. George Sanders.

Sarong Girl (1943) 1/6 IMDb
Ann Corio is yummy! Irene "Granny" Ryan! Who knew? Cornball Comedy. Good!

Go Into Your Dance (1935) IMDb
Glenda Farrell, Ruby Keeler, Al Jolson, Helen Morgan! A musical. Good fun!

The Saint in London (1939) 1/14 IMDb
George, again, with Sally Gray. Great fun! Velly, velly British!

Before Dawn (1933) 1/21 IMDb
Stuart Erwin, Warner Oland. Very old. Clever, but dated. A find-the-loot mystery.

Dragnet (1954) 1/29 IMDb
The way cops should be! Jack Webb. Many PM people. A noir comedy, now.

Meet Boston Blackie (1941) 1/30 IMDb
The first in the series. That Blackie is one slippery guy! Not bad! Many PM people.


Thursday, February 15, 2007


General Raam is dead! Again.

Whoopee! I finally made it through Gears of War on Insane. My skills improved a lot, but slowly. It took 19 days to finish the last Act, mostly trying to whack Raam. I spent an hour or two most days, starting play at around midnight. At the end, I was out of grenades and ammo for the Torque Bow and had just a couple of shots left for the Longshot sniper rifle. Raam cooperated this time by standing pretty much still. I think this was, in part, because I was hitting the active reloads perfectly most of the time and using grenades and the Torque Bow to blow the Kryll off him so as to get clean shots with the rifle. And, I didn't have to make the difficult run to the other end. I did it all from my original position. Now, I've got 27 of 49 Achivements unlocked for 550 points. More points would require online play and that takes a Gold account which costs money. I'm not ready for that...yet. See Gears of War at the Wikipedia for the scoop on the game. So, now what?

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