Friday, February 29, 2008


January Movies

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Crime Doctor (1943) 1/5 IMDb
First of series. Ray Collins play a doctor. Very good. A nice setup for the series to follow.

The Crime Doctor's Warning (1945) 1/8 IMDb
The babe gets whacked early. Lots of skulking in the dark. Pretty good story. Complicated.

The Saint In Palm Springs (1941) 1/16 IMDb
Last George Sanders appearance in the series. A nice little mystery.

The Saint Meets The Tiger (1943) 1/22 IMDb
Hugh Sinclair as the Saint. A pretty guy. Very English. Atmospheric.

The Falcon Takes Over (1942) 1/23 IMDb
George Sanders. It's that Raymond Chandler story about Moose and Velma. Pretty good. Lynn Bari of PM fame.

Over The Goal (1937) 1/27 IMDb
William Hopper in lead. June Travis. A comedy College football movie! Interesting, but not that funny.