Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seattle International Film Festival Finale

Well, the Film Festival 2007 has come to a close! It was fun, but it is nice to have quiet time at home once again. I was hoping that one of the films I had seen would have received the Golden Space Needle for this year. However, that was not to be! The winner of that was Outsourced. It sounds like a really good movie, with a Seattle connection, which I will have to see. However, I "did" see the following movies and have something to say about each of them. I feel each of them is worth seeing.

Out at the Wedding USA, 2006
This was a quirky and gentle comedy, which I enjoyed very much! It concerns a young Southern woman, living in New York City, who has recently become engaged to an African American and hasn't told her family yet. To complicate matters she has told her fiance and his parents that her entire family is dead! When she attends her little sister's wedding, a misconstrued remark leads family and friends to think she is gay. From these beginnings emerge quite a set of romantic and funny situations, with lots of amusing lines! And quite a few surprises remaining!

French for Beginners Germany/France, 2006
This was another coming of age romantic comedy, with lots of very attractive actors playing the roles. I like this one a lot, too! The main characters, Henrik, and the object of his affection, Valerie, are both very clean-cut and believable in their roles. The story is about Henrik, who wants to get to know Valerie. However, the first thing he tells her is that he loathes everything French. We then find out that her mother is French and the reason Valerie is at his school is to encourage students to take part in a German-French exchange program. To get Valerie he enrolls in the program and gets to fumble through his attempts to adapt to the French culture and language. I think this is an outstanding teen romantic comedy, which stays clear of cliches.

Noise Australia, 2007
This is a very unusual mystery set in Australia just before Christmas. A serial killer has killed seven people on a commuter train, leaving one young woman as a witness. Then a few days later the body of another woman is found. The police connect the two murders but you see very little of their investigations. The investigation is seen through the eyes of a young insecure policeman who is suffering with tinnitus (ringing in the ears). He gives his superior a doctor's note about this, hoping he will get medical compensation. Instead his superior assigns him to work in a trailer located on the peripheracy of the area of investigation. Through a background of periods of almost unbearable sound, we meet the people involved in the case and how this violence has changed their lives. This is an interesting film which makes you think but was also uncomfortable to watch in certain places. From their clever use of sound, one can really experience the horror of living with not only tinnitus but also with the aftermath of violence.


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