Sunday, May 14, 2006

Perfectly Pretty Pink Pig Purse

Here is the Perfectly Pretty Pink Pig Purse to which I am referring. Do you have Pretty Pink Pig Purse envy? Yes, I "thought" you would! Who wouldn't? That is the type of animal I "bagged" on my safari to obtain the perfect gift for my oldest great niece's First Communion. Never having the need to purchase such an item before, I was in a great dither as to how I would ever obtain just the right, slightly-crazy gift for seven-year-old Shannon. It had to be somewhat "daffy" to continue my tradition of giving something just a little bit different. Since one's First Communion is one of the rites of passage into adulthood, I determined a purse would be a very appropriate gift. Everyone knows women were born to shop! I had looked at dozens of bags without success, when--suddenly--looking out at me from the Steiff animal display case at the Magic Mouse toystore was this adorable face! Perfect! Not only did the pig's face melt my heart, but Shannon's last name is Hogg. How appropriate! So I dished out the money, carried it home, lovingly-wrapped it in white paper and lace and waited with tension until the magic moment when Shannon unwrapped her gifts. My efforts were well-rewarded by the look of delight upon Shannon's sweet face, when she pulled out the contents of my box. I am so glad my touch of whimsey was so appreciated! Also Shannon's Aunt Kelly, who had lived in Germany for a number of years, pointed out to Shannon that this was an heirloom-quality gift and never to remove the button from its ear as that is the Steiff trademark. Thank you, Aunt Kelly!